...Across the Atlantic Ocean, Sharnessa Shelton was growing up in Longview, Washington, in what she describes as a "a very Christian, but not strict, home." She adds, "I was raised in a very cool environment by parents who gave me room to grow into who God wanted me to be, along with the freedom and discipline that was needed to get there." 

While being homeschooled, Sharnessa nurtured her love of music and dance with tap, jazz and lyrical technique lessons, as well as participating in choir and ensemble at the local private school. Then, at 16, she directed, choreographed and produced her first show at her church. Another followed two years later. "It's a real passion for me, using the arts for God's glory. It's something I know will always be a part of my life," she says.

To further hone her skills, Sharnessa enrolled in the School of Creative Ministries in London, England. It was there that she met Mark Pennells, founder of WorldWide Message Tribe and a producer and band consultant. It was Pennells who first introduced the girls in London and the rest is history. 

Quickly becoming "really good mates" with a common purpose, they moved to Manchester, England and set to work choreographing dance numbers to compliment the songs Mark Pennells and his longtime writing pal Zarc Porter composed especially for them. Within a matter of months the catchy, "Britney meets ABBA," style of the early demos caught the attention of Essential Records' President Robert Beeson, and the group soon had a Stateside partner in their ministry.