...V*Enna's first release came earlier this year with their enhanced maxi-single, All the Way to Heaven. It was so popular that stores across America sold out! The infectious title track was also the girls' first radio single which was a top-ten smash hit on the Christian Hit Radio charts.

Between concert and media appearances in both America and the UK, Lucy and Sharnessa were hard at work back in Manchester recording their debut full-length project "Where I Wanna Be", also produced by Pennells and Porter, and which was released on September 26, 2000. 

"When we compare All The Way To Heaven-The Enhanced Maxi Single to Where I Wanna Be, the full album is much more Euro-pop and has a lot more edge to it. It still has the same high energy sound and feel to it, but there is more attitude on the full album," says Porter. 

"The entire recording process was very smooth. We really didn't know what direction the album was going to take, but when we recorded Where I Wanna Be, it set the tone and formed the direction we took," Porter explains. "Lucy and Sharnessa are such musical singers and very musically minded, which make the recording process go quickly and smoothly."