Cross Rhythms
Respected UK independent Christian music magazine Cross Rhythms says about V*enna's debut album:

"V*enna are British singer Lucy Britten (formerly of Psalmistry and featured on Jumping In The House Of God III) and American Sharnessa Shelton combining transatlantic talents to form a duo that proves when it comes to Christian dance/pop it's still Britian who leads the way. Produced by Zarc Porter and drawing on distinct Euro pop influences, the overall feel as suggested by the early single All The Way To Heaven (remixed here) is Abba for a new millennium!

Lucy and Sharnie's vocals blend perfectly and throughout the contemporary dance/pop grooves underpin strong melodies and up front lyrics. Plenty of standouts from the muscular opener of a title track to the call and response Make That Noize which features vocal contributions from Raze's J'Marc Davis. The closing 'Don't Get Left Behind' is a classic concert closer material and I can visualize plenty of kids coming forward to become Christians. Ultimately that is what V*enna are all about and this album acts as a perfect foundation for ministry. Bouncy Euro pop is the order of the day and for those who want something a little harder, there's an excellent remix of Make That Noize as a bonus track here in the UK - it's pumpin!"