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Where I Wanna Be
Release Date: 09.26.2000

Everybody knows how popular teen-oriented pop music is these days. One only has to look at this year's phenomenal successes of *NSYNC and Britney Spears to be convinced that pop is where it's at, at least for now.

Plenty of people thumb their noses at such music, writing it off asflash-in-the-pan or immature, but the truth of the matter is this: there's nothing wrong with having a little fun with your music. Enter new Christian girl-group V*Enna and get ready to dance.

Sharnessa Shelton of Longview, Washington, and Lucy Britten of Bristol,England, met through Mark Pennells, founder of Christian techno group WorldWide Message Tribe, and within a matter of months had caught the attention of Essential Records in Nashville.

Fast-forward to their debut album, Where I Wanna Be. The title track was made for pop radio and big, loud, energetic dance routines. It's as good as anything Britney's ever done and deserves as much attention. "Make That Noize" will surely become the favorite of youth rallies across the country, encouraging young people to get up and "P-A-R-T-Y." Gladly.

"Why Did I Let You Go" is ABBA revisited, and its theme of waiting too long to witness to a friend in need of salvation is boosted by the dark, minor key of the song. It begs the question: What if that person's gone for good and you never said anything? Can you handle the pain?

The closer, "Don't Get Left Behind" is simple, pretty and direct: "The way to live forever is to give away your life." Couldn't be put any more plainly or beautifully, showcasing the girls' vocal talents.

V*Enna show that they are two girls with talent and a message to spare, and they don't have to show off their bodies or be on TRL to prove it. Pop and Christian music alike could do with more artists like them.