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Move over Brittney! Step aside Steps!! V*Enna have arrived!!!!

With Lucy Britten coming from England, Sharnessa Shelton from the USA and the writing and production by Pennells and Porter of World Wide Mesage Tribe fame, an interesting range of tunes have developed with a little bit of Abba, a touch of 5ive and a whole lot of Britney. What more could every chart lover want! A message perhaps?

Well, this girl band has it all! Catchy and dancey tunes...AND a message! The Pure Pop, melodically driven title cut expresses the desire to be like Christ in every aspect of life, Sunshine and Rain expresses confidence in Gos and the bouncy Do You Wanna Know? tackles the issue of sex head on, encouraging people to set a standard of patience

As Sharnessa explains, V*Enna "...really want to see kids accept the challenge and not waste their teen years... kids live from party to party, mall to mall, from weekend to weekend, and that's their focus. Everything's a fashion show. Everything is about boyfriends and girlfriends and that is such a waste..."

And that just says it all - a message, Pure Pop and even a dance remix thrown in [UK version]. This is a must have in every teenager's music collection. (And the same goes for any fan of pop - even if you're a little older!)