Let's Talk Music - by Graeme Murray

V*Enna are a female duo, one Brit, one American, whose desire is to reach the children and young people for Christ through their music...

...Their music has been described as "pure pop", and has been compared to that performed by Britney Spears, Billie and B*witched.

However, the big difference is in the lyrical content with the songs of V*Enna reflecting and proclaiming their Christian faith, and addressing contemporary issues.

Where I Wanna Be is their excellent debut album, and has a fresh and vibrant sound. The thumping title track is definitely top twenty calibre, as are a number of other tracks in my opinion...

...The album features some more mellow songs too, like the beautiful "Don't Get Left Behind", and the devotional "Sometimes", in which the girls voice their complete commitment to Christ, declaring that he is the One whom they desire to give the rest of their lives to. "Hold On" has the feel of real summery holiday song, and both it and "All The Way To Heaven" are the kind of songs you could see Steps perfoming.

If you get this album, and I thoroughly recommend it, be sure to check out the V*Enna statement on the back of the inlay booklet.