After a month in the US, V*Enna is having a well deserved break catching up with friends and family.

7/16/01 IOWA - HERE WE COME!
After a huge response in February with Phil Joel during the "Strangely Normal" tour, V*Enna has been asked to come back, this time together with LaRue, some great friends of ours. Please make sure to catch us at Des Moines Christian School at 7:30pm!!!

The festival season is here! After having performed at Atlanta Fest last month, V*Enna has taken part in two more festivals, Lifest2001 and SonShine2001. V*Enna played at main stage at Lifest in Oshkosh, WI and after a late night and a long drive, played at SonShine the next day. Thank you all who came out to see us and to meet us at the festivals this year! You ROCK!!!