V*Enna has also been featured on a number of other CD's and here's a few worth mentioning. We're sure that you have seen many of them before but in case you didn't know V*Enna was on them, they've been included here.

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Essential Records, USA 2000

Track Listing:
1. Where I Wanna Be
2. Make That Noize
3. Do You Wanna Know?
4. Why Did I Let You Go?
5. O, Come All Ye Faithful

V*Enna contributed a previously unreleased track to this Christmas compilation released by Essential.

This CD was given out with the purchase of any Essential Records release during the later part of the fall 2000. Other artists on the records [tracks in gray] includes Jars of Clay, Third Day, FFH and Caedmon's Call.

p & c Essential Records 2000

WOW 2001
Sparrow Records, USA 2000

V*Enna was included on the CHR disc of this "king of compilations" cd that was released in October 2000.

"Where I Wanna Be" was one of the two bonus cuts.

p & c Sparrow Records
Benson Records, USA 2000

Track 13:
Do You Wanna Know? [Live]

This CD was recorded live at the South Fork Ranch on the 1st of July 2000, where the KLTY hosted Celebrate Freedom Event took place. The day was to be the most attended Christian Concert in the US with an astonishing 170,000 people attneding!  V*Enna performed in front of that crowed and had an amazing response. Benson decided to produce a record and among the tracks you can find our latest single "Do You Wanna Know" being performed live. Other artists on the record [tracks in gray] includes Jars of Clay, Third Day and Michael W Smith just to mention a few.

p & c Benson Records, Inc.
Reunion Records, USA 2000

Track 13:
1. All The Way to Heaven

In October 2000 the film by made famous by the book series "Left Behind" was released to video and in Feburary 2001 it hit the big screens. Reunion produced the soundtrack and among the featured artists on the album is V*Enna and the song included is "All the Way to Heaven".

Although it is not featured in the film, the soundtrack includes music from the movie as well as songs inspired by the main characters.

p & c Reunion Records, Inc.