The Living Bible

by Lucy Britten

There is a short saying that every Christian needs to know to remind themselves every so often of the responsibility they hold. It is: "you may be the only Bible some people ever read". This really should hit you as a challenge and it may make you question the way you are living right now.

Unfortunately there are stories of people rejecting Jesus and the wonderful life He offers, due to the way they have heard or seen some Christians acting or behaving. Why would people want to follow a faith that shows lack of unity, judgmental views, loose living and more. I believe without a doubt that the appeal of Christianity is that God offers us peace beyond our understanding and a life set apart from the norm.

I fell into that trap while living as a student, for a time you could not tell me, and someone who doesn't know Jesus, apart, yet I was still proclaiming to know God. So, what message was that giving out? I think a lot of my friends felt God was not worthy of my respect and so not worth looking into. Thinking about those wasted opportunitites now breaks my heart.

This actually ties in with the thought, who are we trying to please, God or man? When people have let you down; money has dried up; earthly possessions give no satisfaction; who has promised to be there giving you more than you ever dreamed of...God! So, start living all out for God today, make Him your number 1. Find out what the Bible says abut living a life with a difference, set apart from the rest, and live it!!! The rewards are unbelievable. I can guarantee that the moment someone turns to you and says "you're different, I want what you've got", your heart will be filled to overflowing with a joy and excitement you've never experienced before.

I urge you then-be the Bible some people have never read!!!