Your testimony is a powerful thing

by Lucy Britten

I read somewhere once "the most powerful testimony on earth is a life you can't explain without God!" When I saw this it made me stop and think. I thought about each area of my life and how God had affected it, or even if God had affected it. The truth was undeniable - He's totally changed or affected every area of my life.

If someone where to ask me about parents before and after giving my life to Christ, I'd have to admit I didn't show the enough respect or love in the way I do now - Now, I really want to "honor your father and mother". (Ex 20:12). Also, if someone where to ask me about my work in V*Enna, well I wouldn't be able to explain any of that without giving God credit!

I went on like this through every part of my life, even down to my mouth, i.e. the way I speak. When I asked God to take over and be Lord in my life, I almost instantly lost the ability to swear or curse someone. This, I believe, was God for it says in the Bible "Whatever is in your heart determines what you say" (Luke 6:45). Well, now God was in my heart so no wonder that I found it easier to stop swearing (although, I know this doesn't happen to everyone - some people may find it easy to suddenly give up smoking, or overspending and getting into debt!)

When I realized how little my life is without Jesus, I thought about how selfish it would be for me to keep this to myself. Think of all the people you know that are being or have been used mightily for God's glory - Mother Theresa, Paul Yonggi-Cho, Billy Graham, Smith Wigglesworth etc. They must have, at some point heard a story of someone's life and then being radically changed by Jesus. This all started by someone telling them their 'God' story. Is it possible that we maybe stopping the next 'Billy Graham' or the next 'Mother Theresa' from fulfilling their destiny, because we are too scared to share 'our' story? We don't know what the people we share with might become, but we can dream.

OK this may sound scary, but it doesn't need to be! First, ask God to give you opportunities to talk to people, second - be interesting - Jesus is!!! Thirdly, be specific; tell them how your life used to be, how you met Jesus, and what your life is like now. Lastly - be honest, don't tell them life becomes a bed of roses when you become a Christian, life is still full of struggles, but you are now no longer alone!!

Above all, just enjoy it - SMILE! You'll be telling someone the most exciting news about the most exciting person YOU have ever met!!!!