...V*Enna's strong passion for both discipleship and evangelism is clear and equally yoked throughout the entire album. Where I Wanna Be's edgy and melodically driven title cut dives into the desire to emulate Christ in every aspect of our lives, whereas the straightforward approach with "Why Did I Let You Go?" and "Do You Wanna Know" falls directly into the vein of discipleship.

The girls of V*Enna are set to take both sides of the Atlantic by storm. They can finally devote more time to their fans, which is what they really enjoy doing. Now, their dual ministry focus of evangelism and discipleship can truly begin.

"We really want to see kids accept the challenge to not waste their teen years," Sharnessa explains. "I've especially seen that here in the States kids live from party to party, from mall to mall, from weekend to weekend, from boyfriend to boyfriend (or girlfriend!) and that's their focus. So much of it is superficial and that's such a waste of what could be SUCH a valuable season of life! Of course it's fine to enjoy being a teen, but I think they can be so underestimated. The teen years can be such an incredible time of growth, learning and preparation."

Lucy, remembering her own school experiences, also wants to encourage the kids they encounter to be more proactive. "I wasn't actually aware when I was making decisions. We want to show kids that if they are following the crowd, they're making decisions they may regret later. We want to make them aware that they are at an age where they can make their own decisions."

But don't try to get V*Enna to play favorites by favoring one country or type of ministry over the other. "We're excited that God has given us two avenues to go down," Sharnessa insists. 

"More than anything, we want to be a bit of love in their lives," explains Lucy.